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Rover 5 backordered.

My Rover 5 is backordered from robotshop.com.  Won't ship until after the 20th.

Oh well.  At least I can start experimenting with the motor controller board.

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My order finally shipped! *happy dance*

Mine's great. I love it.

I looked at a LOT of robot/base kits.  There were a couple that were ok, but just ok.  And nothing else had encoders at that price.  The combination of a Oddbot's Spider Controller, 4WD motor controller and a 4w Rover 5 with encoders is a better deal overall, than just about anything else I can think of.  Including an Irobot Create.  And I suspect the odometry on a Rover 5 is going to be better than a Create.

Yesterday I tracked my package all the way to the last destination where it's placed on a vehicle for delivery, thinking "It's GOT to be here tomorrow!"  Then I went to bed remembering "Brown doesn't ship on Saturday."

Or Sunday for that matter.  And Monday the 26th is the date of observance here in the states.  Looks like the 27th will be the day after all.