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picaxe or arduino

Hi all very new to this stuff, I built the start here bot and have been having fun with it picaxe version, now I have been looking into arduino, is there a better platform to start with seems like the arduino has an awful lot of code already done for it and that it is a bit more powerful. This stuff is confusing enough with out having to learn 2 seperate ways to write code, Or is that just a must any way. Robots are my favorite, but would also like to apply these systems to HVAC and other home control projects, solar systems projects. Is one realy any easier that the other or that much more powerful/capable?

Thanks for any help

Chris Smith


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 I guess I am going to have to learn another code,and grow into the arduino.

 Chris great site the picaxe tutorials were awsome filled in alot of gaps [gasps] or exsplained them better than I was getting any place else I looked, Fritz did a great job on the start here bot, but the videos helped alot sort of pulled it togther for me. I know you sent me to the arduino section but I could not resist checking out the picaxe stuff. It was a huge help.

 Geir, at my level an awful lot of this was over my head but I can learn it there, its a great place for me to grow into, very well done, I have looked at some of your projects with great interest I spent 10 years at sea as the Engineer on a large tug barge unit.

 Terry great web site, well written and put together for a clueless newbie like me, also great webb shop, you will be hearing from me after Christmas when I find out what I did not get. The whole brick and sensor thing with related tutorials will make alot of stuff much easier to learn to do.

Thank you all this place is great!

Chris Smith




And another place to start is: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/GettingStarted-Software 

And some perspective and possibilities are shown here: http://yourduino.com/

Regards, Terry King...On the Mediterranean in Italy


Even though the tutorial from Chris looks great, I would recommend this site.


This is by far the best and most comprehensive tutorial I have ever found on the Arduino microcontroller. Lots of information on all aspects of the Arduino and the electronics around it, great schematics and images, and tons of video.

I think it’s a must have favorite.

Yup, you will have to learn more code. The picaxe and the arduino speak different languages and there is no way around the fact that you are going to have to simply learn arduino. The good news is that yes, Arduino is far more powerful and with its libraries, a lot of the grunt work (of writing code) is done for you. All in all, the concepts will translate -- a "for" loop is the same, just written differently, a pause is still a pause it is simply called a "delay" in arduino and an IF is always an IF and works the same way. It is like going from Spanish to Italian --pretty close but sorta pronounced differently. Oh, and of course, you are going to have to get used to Arduino's squggily brackets, but it won't be that bad. The switch will be worth the time.

I have some tutorials up myself, with some line-by-line code walk-throughs that may help. There were done specifically for my RocketBots but they should be handy in general. They are Here.