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Hello, for my first project to be posted, I am going to make my boe bot have a conversation with my on my PC. It will slowly but surely progress, athough I expect the fact that all sixth graders are going on holiday break for 17 day will speed things up by a good amount, although I won't be able to start untill I get some previos programs that I made and a camera to get pictures for you. Other than that, things are going well. (at least for a 11 year old) : - )

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oh, you're 11.....we have a small group for young roboticist here, you can join us if you like to!!

Okay, but for this work things are not happening. For this project, things are is working but only to a certian degree. My current program allows for some basic operation, but beyond the first part, it doesn't work for me. Here is the code.

letter       VAR       Word


DEBUGIN letter


  DEBUG "Welcome. "

  GOSUB name





DEBUG "What is your name?"


IF letter = "s" THEN

  GOSUB nameS




  DEBUG "So far, so good."

If anyone could help me, your help would be apresiated. (sorry for the bad spelling their :))