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Sharp IR Distance i2c

Vendor's Description: 

The Sharp GP2D12 is an excellent, well proven sensor. Its analog outputmakes is reliable and inexpensive, but a bit processor-intensive to use with a microcontroller. Our DIRRS+ fixes this by letting you poll it for digital output in any of 3 methods.

But when you're using multiple sensors, you can quickly run out of I/O lines, or code-space to handle all the different sensors. Enter the I2C-It, a slave-mode I2C device!

The I2C-It lets you use the popular I2C / TWI (Two-Wire interface) to string up to 8 sensors on a single I/O line! And by simply changing the device address in your code, you can change which sensor you're asking data from!

Check the resources tab for code examples on how to use the I2C-It with your microcontroller.

Just like the good ol' sharp sensors we all know and love, but in an I2C format!

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Gotta have, gotta have!

Still. Its a pity these things still have those hard-to-hide connectors. 

uhh sweet :P i love i2c, even when it would be much easier to just use analog :P