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Strange battery behaviour

So i just received the battery i was talking about here

it kind of works, but it has a very strange behaviour: basically when i connect it to a load (just a board, nothing intensive), it just doesn't give energy and the board remains off. If then i connect the other connector to the wall plug, the battery "wakes up" and power the board. Then i can disconnect the battery from the wall and it keeps running for hours.

What can it be ? If i then disconnect the battery from the board and reconnect to it, it is again "asleep" and i need to connect to the wall plug.

Never heard of this behaviour from a battery

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It could be the voltage if you are using a board with a 12v regulator like a 7812. Otherwise I don't know. Wat if you measure it with a multimeter? Is it really full when charged? Remind that without load the voltage will be higher.