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My First Bicore Head Bot (Mod with solar panels)

Light seeking

This is my first Bicore Head Bot based on 'Junkbots, Bugbots, & Bots on Wheels' After over 5 attempt, this is the only one that worked. The light sensors are large super bright IR LEDs. They don't have the best seeking nor are they very effective but that's all I got so far. Let me know what you think! Thanks.



I swap out the IR LEDs for two solar panel and I was amazed with the result! It response to light so much better! Watch second video.

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Love the adjustment with the solar panels. Real smooth now, nice.

oooh a bicore head! love it, @ simple, you can make one with transisotrs and LEDs

Can I make this without an integrated chip

A bicore is based off the 74XX240 IC so you're kinda stuck with it. A linky with the various permutations of smartheads here.

ok thats what i thought ill just get that off ebay

This bot got me interested in smartheads again but upon reexamining this project, I think he made a Tilden-style orignal bicore head. I linked to Righter-style Smartheads in my previous comment. I think they're "better" but that is here nor there. My point is with the bicore you can make it out of Schmitt triggers like the 74HC14. The method is dicussed at the bottom of the bicore head link. If you have some of those around you could pull off a suspended bicore. The transistor technique I'm curious about and would love to see but I can't think of how to pull it off myself.

Hey, best place is to order it from solarbotics. They got everything you'll need for beam bots. That's where I got all my material.

I don't know man. Your asking a guy who doesn't even know how to read schematics.