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How to make a cheap bendable gearshaft

Need a bendable gearshaft quick?

A lot of Eureka moments have happened while making Mr. Tea, I came accross this idea, and had to share.


I was looking for a cheap way to make a bendable gearshaft quickly, that lasted long enough for me to get an "A" in the class.


I started with some 1/8" shrink tubing, and multiple small gearshafts. I stuck some superglue inside, and over the gearshafts to make sure everything was nicely covered, butted the ends together inside the tubing, and then shrunk the tube by holding a lighter under it.

Note: Having a second person to hold both bars with pliers is a plus.

If you can find alternative methods to do this, please let me know!


So far this is doing the trick :) 



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Cool thanks for the comments!


Like I said, I used what I had around the house, and it had to be tiny! I'll think of springs in the next revision... The motor is too noisy while it's turning. 

i don't think he meant springs but the tubing around them. I have a few of those in my house too, but never tried to use them as shafts. :)

I am from Denmark, and I do not even know what these are called in Danish.. It is used (mostly back in time) to hold a curtain. It is sort of a long round white plasic, that has a metal hook in each end. Inside the plastic is a long spring..

That material can be put inside any (bend) tube, and is absolutely unbeatable to make bend shafts :)

If you go to a wreckers you should be able to get an old speedo cable. These are very durable although they may not bend as sharply.

A tightly coiled spring can also work.

I've seen this done with vacuum hose(automotiive kind)