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question about redback spider Solved (I think)

Edit--I found wildbananas diagram and finally saw the "ref" pin.  Also, since the 10 servo taps  and four motor controller current sense channels will likely be the only analog signals I'll need to monitor, the Red Back Spider should be a good fit for this project.

I've modified some servos to tap the wiper to get position information. I get a 0 to 2.5v range of voltage, so I've had success with both, EXTERNAL using a voltage divider on AREF, and INTERNAL2V56 without the voltage divider.  (I'm developing on an Arduino Mega 2560.)  By monitoring the voltage on an analog pin, I can record and playback servo positions.

Ultimately, I'm thinking of transferring everything to a Rover 5 with a dedicated Redback Spider Controller installed and a Dagu 4 channel motor controller.

I know I need 24 pins to support the motor controller.  What I'm having trouble determining, is whether I can use either of my AREF tricks on a Spider controller, and, can I get away with it for as many as, say, 10 servos, along with the Dagu motor controller?  That would be 10  PWM pins, and 10 analog inputs.