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Rocket Brand Studios New Products 11.19.11

Oh, we gots so much good stuff...

The Nano Undershield is now available as a combo with a Arduino Nano included, the Medium Tank is out and both the Tiny Tank and Medium Tank come in awesome colors!!

Find all this and more at Rocket Brand Studios


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First 25 seconds makes you a winner in my book.

sorry i noticed this on the picaxe 25 project board aswell. what actually does the capacitor do on your picaxe 08 board?


Servos and motors (well, servo are motors) will "spike" their power sucking when they first start up. Once the get up and going, they will draw less power. The capacitor is able to "dump" its charge very quickly and thus, account for this spike in power. It helps to keep the power level constant and can even help to keep your uC from resetting itself under heavy loads.