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i can't drive a servo with my 28x1 project board


hello to all, I hope to be posting in the right section.

I'm a totally newbie, thus this is my first project.

I'm obviously following your "Start Here" project, so no need to explain you all my equipement ;P XD

I'm trying to pilot a servo with my PICAXE 28X1 + ProjectBoard, but I'have several issues.

First of all, I soldered a new pin into Output 0's Ground, so now I'm connecting my servo with the yellow wire to the output, the red one on V+ and the black one on the G.

I'm supplying the system with 3 AA 1,5V stylo batteries, non rechargeable.

I replaced the Darlington chip with a 330R resistor and now I'm trying to pilot the servo but I have no results.

I tried to test the tension between output0 ground and V+ and it seems fine, so there's no line problems.

I used this code to run the servo


[QUOTE]init: servo 0,75

main: servopos 0,75

pause 2000

servopos 0,150

pause 2000

servopos 0,255

pause 2000

goto main[/QUOTE]


then I went to PICAXE->Program... and it was successfully downloaded to the microcontroller, but then nothing happens.


To check the software i connected a LED on output4 and then I tried to flash it.

used simply the code


[QUOTE]main: high 4

pause 1000

low 4

pause 1000

goto main[/QUOTE]


as you provided, and also here there's something strange. When i connected the blue LED to the powered project board, it turned on immediately. And it always stayed turned on, buth when it was given [QUOTE]high 4[/QUOTE] command, it just become a bit brighter, and when [QUOTE]low 4[/QUOTE] is given it simply dimes a bit.

The most curious thing is then, once i give to the controller the flashing program as provided, the LED flashes in the strange way I described, even if I connect it to any other output.


I'm guessing what am I doing wrong...




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are you connecting the led's long end to the pin4 via a 330 resistor, and the short end to ground? If yes and if this happens with another led, there is probably a problem with your board.

Also, try this: connect your chip to the programming cable and go view >options. Turn the chip on and click the button that says "Firmware?". If the editor tells you the firmware is a.4, you have a slightly defective chip (defective in that the internal clock doesn't work correctly, so PWM and servo won't work) Calculon had this problem with a batch of his chips.