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picaxe 18x

Hi, Everbody,

I want to simulation with Proteus about my  first robot. I want to use ultrasonic sensor for my robot. But, there isn't ultrasonic sensör in the Proteus. Can you help me?What do you recommend for my robot?

I have another question. I will use Picaxe18x for my robot. I don't understand generic pin. Can you explain for me,please?

Thank you so much.

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Thank you ,Chris. Actually, i make robot for my finally project. My teachers want simulation.So i look for solution this. Your words are useful for me.Thanks again.

Well, after a while of googleing, I found Proteus which I am not familiar with. I read the website though. First off, it includes a lot of different sensors.

Proteus currently supports various range-finding sensors, digital compass, GPS, and cameras. Most of the sensors are specicly supported by third-party drivers for the Player API. The remaining sensors have matching interfaces in the Player API and only require us to implement a device-specic drivers.

Beyond that, Proteus does not seem to work with picaxe, instead it works with a Freescale microcontroller:

Microcontroller (Freescale 9S12DP512):
- 2 10-bit A/D converters
- 2 CAN 2.0 ports
- 2 SCI ports
- 3 SPI ports
- 1 I2C port
- 77 total GPIO pins (from microcontroller)
- 4 servo ports
- 8 Infrared distance measurement ports
- 8 Sonar distance measurement ports

3rd question:

A generic pin, is a regular digital Input/Output pin.