Let's Make Robots!

PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit

Does anyone have the PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit because iff you do can you please post a robot using it.

i have bought one because its a "Starter Kit" so its for begginners right.

so i just want to know more about it from you guys.

thanx for reading

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Ill try. But it probabouly wont work.
Robotic is an expensive hobby! =)
That sucks. I'm 13 my parents dont pay for anything that has to do with robots.
Tell them it's educational :)
You lucky my parents tell me to earn it.
Me too then again I'll be 28 in a month ;) I'm buying all my robot stuff now... 7 weeks until I get married and I'm broke again!

Hey thanx

thats probably why most of the stuff i have about it just goes over my head!

lol thanx. im getting a job soon so i can actually PAY for what i want/need

ps.. my parent pay for all my junk. WHO SAID THAT!

Yes :)

/ Fritsl

so what your saying is that my PICkit 1 is more advanced than a PICAXE a20 or whatever your useing.

cos im only a begginner so i need something BASIC.

Well - it is the hard-core way to do the same as I do Picaxe.

I would not know how to use it, way too complicated for me, sorry.

/ Frits