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Project Phoenix (a sequel)

follow light, knuckle walking, "evolve" , "learn"


UPDATE MAY the 11th, 2012

New updates can be found here:


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Hello everyone, here i am again, making the sequel of a dismissed project called Project RNGTN w/c will also have the same face, and functions, but.....more smaller in size and more portable, as i have said before, it is my Magnum Opus (for my younger days) and i have never said this before, but i created this for the awareness of the orangutans (don't laugh)

if you want more info, visit this link

so...pictures, they worth a thousand words, what about a video (soz, no videos for now)

UPDATE February the 12th, 2012

Another update! it's been a long time since i have updated this project,i am working on a new project, but i won't stop this project, so for the updates:

-i have connected all the electronics together

-i have added the charging plug

-i have placed the programming panel

so roll in the pictures:

here he is:

side view (you can see that i have added 2 switches, one for the whole robot and another for the charging of the batteries:

here is ALAN's circuit board, a jungle of wires, you can see the recharging socket right on his arse bellow the pcb:

here is the programming panel and the recharging socket:

here is the plug (i'm gonna connect the battery charger in that plug):

here he is with the postcard from Steve Grand:

that's all for now

cheers! - ⁰ℨ

UPDATE January the 29, 2012


It's all on reverse now,all updates on the top, so, another update and it's about ALAN's new look, roll the pictures:

here he is:

This is what he would look like if he has his arms (i still haven't added the arm mechanism):

he now looks like my sketch drawing

Before i have taken all those picture, his eyes broke, so here is my solution:

i have my homemade "magical clay" dried off (portable), just break a piece, wet it with water, mold and let it dry:

that's all for today! cheers! {:(|)

- ⁰ℨ

UPDATE January the 22, 2012

Yes! another update for a long time! and if you have heared the news, ALAN had a broken motor, but the case has been solved, it's just elementary my dear....

here today i'm gonna show you an update for ALAN's (the name's a real controversy, my assistant/classmate's father's name is Edgar Alan (yeah like poe)) motors and also a change of the battery because it got broken.

now for the updates:

here is where i got ALAN's new motor, it's a hand cranked LED torch (ahhh...the beauty of scavenging):

here's the motor:

i have replaced the old motor of the arm mechanism with the new one, and used that old motor for the mouth:

here is the mouth mechanism connected to the new battery case:

here he is now:

the new battery and battery case:

there are the updates!

and if you may ask why i'm making a robot using junk and scavenge parts and not buying parts (except for the motor, i cant find any replacement for it, and also the battery)?

well,in my case, buying parts and assembling them into one robot makes it sound like a kit, and if it is like a kit, then it's not really yours and your own creation, so that's all for now and now for all!

cheers and still cheering! {:(|)

- ⁰ℨ


UPDATE January 12, 2012

Another update, but this time, it's not on a blog....

I have decided to name this orangutan as A.L.A.N, for Artificial Life and Analogue Neuro-computer. and a scientific name of Pongo Mechanicus, 

Also, i have finished the woodworking part of this process using popsicle sticks and chopsticks, and i also have formulated it's electronic neuron , and i decided to add a neural logic circuit so he can choose food (like a tamagotchi). i also added a programming panel so i can "alter" his mind, sorta like giving him drugs (for experimental neural behaviour purposes only)

here are the pictures:

Neural food logic schematic:

the switches will act as input for logic, i will soon change the switches for another sensor when i can, but for now, it will just be switches.

neural formulae and neural map:

(note: the scanner had some bugs, that explains the thick black line) AHA!  it's a miracle, i can do math! ....seriously, i have created my own formulae for my electronic neuron of ALAN's brain, my electronic neuron simulates like a real neuron of a human being, it also have a short term memory.


Here are my experiments to make a popsicle stick structure, it pleases me aesthetically,

the arms:

YEAH! it can be folded like a swiss army knife (copyright)!!! made from popsicle sticks and chopsticks sanded and polished (not really polished, but will be polished)

Back and front panel:

Programming Panel:

i have added a sound triggering mechanism below his jaw:

^the ape with an iron jaw...LOL

I have added some popsicle sticks for design and also cover:

it reminds me of this:

it is sanded and will be polished using wood varnish soon.

that's all for now! cheers! {:(|)

- ⁰ℨ

UPDATE January 7, 2012

project phoenix has a brain!!!

i finished the pcb and you can see the crafting process in this link:



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- {:(|) ⁰ℨ


UPDATE January 2, 2012, (still can't believe it's 2012)

another update for today and posted it as a blog so this robot post can't be very long

here is the update :


if you want to comment on that blog post, no, don't comment there, comment here, thanks!!!


- {:(|) ⁰ℨ


shown below are the pictures of the project's (haven't got a name for it, anyone of you suggest a name?) gearboxes, created from wind up toys' mechanism.

1. here shows the toys that my father bought, they are kinda cheap ya know (luckily, i't's two in one pack):

^ i told my father to buy a wind up toy, he literaly bought a wind up toy(s)

2. full view showing the toys:

3. yeah, china, where all things came from (God lives in china):

4. here are the toys! they are alive (they didn't know that they'll be disected later)

5. they have some simple mechanism that makes them flip:

6. OMG, i can see their insides!!! you can see the black gearbox, that's what i'm gonna modify for the motor

7. popsicle sticks, gonna use those for the chassis:

8. there be the gearboxes!!!

9. opened:

10. motors and gearbox attached:

11. gonna use this axle for the main gear:

12. here they are:

13. success!!! this is the arm's muscle

14. these are the two gearboxes, this is how they are placed along with the battery:

credits for the background (a poster of apples first computer, the apple 1)

that's for now, have a happy holidays to all LMRians



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Im very interested in the 'homemade clay' made by you, maybe a tutorial?

the one that you can : break a piece off, wet it, and mold it!


this is cool!

I learned how to make it when I was in 1st grade, we were assigned to make them for our arts class.

searched on google and found this tutorial:


to make the sculpture hard, just put it in an oven or if the sun is raging hot, you can place it outside.

the whole clay gets hard over time, but it can still be reused by getting it wet.

cheers :)

how does the programming pannel work?

how does the programming pannel work?

i never thought of using wind up toys to make a gear box , thanks for the idea


thats very cool


I can't wait to see him in action! :) :D It looks so like an evil genius creation! 


@Pikachu.....In the defense of the MonkeeLad, I have to say he's on the right track with his analog networks,,whatever they may be...When you stated that analog is such a hassle, I have to guess that you're true programmer..pic, arduinos,whatever...that's fine, but don't knock it until you've tried it. There is a lot to be said for component level architecture and analog networks. I've been doing it for years. I actually use a hybrid combination of both analog and digital components....I prefer calling them 'binary' components since they use ( in my models) varying degrees of on and off voltages, The triggers can be any range from 0 to 5 vdc....it depends. What happens consequently is a machine with the ability to make 'fuzzy' decisions about ambiguous situations...nothing is programmed or contains a priori knowledge....it figures it out on its own....Now 'that's' a true robot. I suppose there's some satisfaction to watching a pre-programmed device carrying out the instructions of its maker, with or without a learning algorithm....but the programming environment is sooo limiting....and in my opinion, that's the fundamental problem with AI, but that's a whole other subject. Maybe you guys aren't into AI and just want to toy around with programming small robots,,,that's cool, have fun...but if anyone is interested in Real Intelligence, then the mindset of programming only, has to be dropped and other avenues of seeking intelligence have to be considered. Come to think of it....this would be a neat LMR challenge...who can build the smartest or at least most interesting robot with NO CPU.... I think I'll seriously consider this after I get my projects posted up on this site...( Yes, sadly, I have no photos of what I'm currently working on, but I promise to get them up asap)...Have a great day and use your imaginations to the fullest.


thanks for the kind words srgrimm! can't wait for yer works as well!

mate im not a digital freak hahah ;) ofc theres thousands ways to rach any target. and i tried to make an intelligent system without any processor myself too.(which had instinct,memory,random patterns,ect for a simple 4 legs creature which could learn.) but that time i had no idea how a neural network works (well i dont know much now either) so i end up adding a microcontroller and then refused to make it :) yup its extremely interesting and wannable to put so much effort to ur own ideas.

aaaahh theres lots to talk about this subject.u know this reminded me of MARK TILDEN hahaha.

one last thing im not a true programmer but i like to try every method.an i believe that the feature belongs to organic systems.we'll miss pure electronics :P

yes please do share ur project here with us.ill try to find my papers too.LMR folks FTW!:D