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Flying man with magnet

I am not sure how it works but its cool.

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Mission Impossible style! Haha!

That is really impressive. I didn't believe, that this can be done. I knew about experiments about levitating frog like shown here:


Must be a very strong electromagnet and magnetic clothes. Thank you for sharing.

Personally, I think it's fake too. From the way they filmed and the way he fly. It looks like hanging on wire. The dog looks real thou but I wonder if that cause any biological problems?

I laughed out loud when he dropped the dog into the floating chamber. Very funny.

As to the reality of this... if it would work for the dog, why not for the person? It seems like an aweful lot of trouble to go through for a hoax, but some people do have a lot of time on their hands.

Arguements for it being real: it should be technically possible. It's been done on small scale with inanimate objects, and on large scale (bullet trains, etc.), so why not with a live subject?

Arguements for it being a hoax: Why show only a few seconds of the man flying? At about 7 seconds in, the back of his pants look like they might be held up by wires at two points near his butt.

Seems to be faked, but if so, its a good fake!  This would require less power than the frog experiment posted above, because the clothes supposedly contained some type of magnets.