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arduino uno is not responding -solved-

today i just got my new uno. after stealing a cable from my pinter usb a to b. if i try to upload to the uno i get this message(avrdude:   stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp 0=00)

i was wondering if it was the usb cable but ive tried 2 already.


this error code is for the uno not being connected.if you are using windows you will have to select it manualy.(i have no experience with mac) 

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Which operating system are you using ?

Do any leds flash on the UNO ?

This is how i cure usb driver problems - please be careful.... do it at your owm risk.....

Unplug the UNO from the USB port .........

Un_install the Arduino IDE ...... un_install or delete  the usb port driver (system device manager ....bring up the usb controller and plug the usb cable in and out .... if any drivers are active then you will see an entry blip in or out (kill only this one). If no entry blips in or out then its an indication that the usb Drivers / cable or usb chip on the uno is/are suspect.....

Then Reinstall latest Arduino IDE .... only then plug in the Uno in and let it pick up the usb drivers.


You could also unplug the atmel chip and access it via FTDI cable to check ....just a thought .......

i had to manualy install the uno.rev3 driver from the ziped folder from the ide.


I got same problem too. If you can try another computer and see if it works. It's very odd problem about com port.

did you install the driver. i had to do this manualy. then after i fixed it i had o download the ied 3 time do to messed up files or file not found errors.

you just have to be persistant.i was about to give up but on the last try i got it.also if using a windows macine installing the drive since on mine the driver did not have a id i got i nice message about how installing this driver could unstabilize the operating system.so i installed th driver on my old hp laptop with no message.

hope this helped


i made sure before i even posted> im going to check the com port now with my prop thanks


Under tool dropdown menu .... make sure the correct board is selected and correct com port selected.... once connected it should load some drivers the first time you connect.