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Robot climb up and down stairs

Navigate, Climb up and down stairs

This is my first robot for climbing stairs. The design is based on Packbot. Finally, I hope I can complete a robot like the Packbot.

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Updated on 3-Jan-2012.

For building the tank's tracks. I used the tracks from  'Heng Long  M26'


As the friction of the traks is not enough to hold the robot, I drill holes ( each 2mm) on the tracks. Cut  carpet(backward side)  into many segments, cut CAT5 LAN cable into segments, mount the segments on the tracks.


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Hey great robot, you got mentioned on hackaday.com 



Looks brilliant, tracks are surely only second to walkers for difficulty and you've pulled this one off very well

My favorite kind of bots ;-) Very nice

犀利!! Good job man! I like those hand made tracks.

Yes. the friction is very imporant  for climbing up stairs . I am using carpet and cat5 lan cable for making the tracks.

That is really very impressive.  I especially like the way it uses the leading tracks to help it get into the climbing position with the main tracks.  I have never seen anything quite like that.  Very creative.