Let's Make Robots!

(Updated!) "jumping" "jetpack" mini, do not know what to call it, too cool to be true :P

UPDATE: WooT! Found the full paper on the project, man this thing is complicated :) See atachment, print it to have something to read those cold winter nights ;)

Heck, I just want to know what the pump and the valve are / where I can get them :) 


Mechanism_control_and_visual_management_of_a_jumping_robot.pdf1.7 MB

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Nifty, thanks for sharing that.
I remember a magazine artical where a robot stored compressed air in a softdrink bottle like this. A piece of silicon rubber tube that was kinked by a servo worked as a valve and the pneumatic ram was made from a modified lightweight bicycle pump. Try and use a bike pump with a narrow diameter as it will push out quicker.

 From New Scientist:


Powered by compressed air stored in two 2-litre plastic bottles, the ram - an aluminium cylinder - is fired to launch the robot to the required height.

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Nice one! I think he's "charging" up the bottles with some sort of gas and releasing it to jump, maybe with a solenoid valve?

that's sweet!