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Line sensor ready!

I have finished soldering the line sensor for my line follower for DTU Robocup. I really hope it works since I haven't tested anything during assembly :-D.

Check the awesome soldering, lol!



This board is supposed to sense where the black line is relative to the robot and also control the car by using the steering servo and the speed regulator. It is more than likely that it will all just go up in a puff of black smoke!

The big IC socket is for a PICAXE 40X1 and the two smaller ones are for LM358 chips.

The two small holes on the side of the line sensor board is for future connection of LEGO NXT Ultrasonic sensor.

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Now there is one serious soldering-job!!

/ Frits

Yeah it's kind of insane actually... giving point-to-point soldering a whole new meaning :-D. Well at least this method saves me the wire mess, but I would like to do printed circuit boards myself or get some company like Olimex to do it. Maybe I will do that for next year's robocup.

- Jimmy