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Mr general atmega168

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Robot shop does have that information on the product page under "Useful links"

Thank you very much.


there is a link to dagu's download page get a copy of the file there

tip Google is your friend if you have a ? ask Google first save you a lot of time  

Why? The ATmega168/328 is pin compatible to the ATmega8.



I am a newbie (a very one), i bought that robot, upload a new program, and not able to retrieve the source code so that i can build a new one. Actually i bought that robot :


and i would like to know the digital i/o wiring.


Best Regards.

OK, I understand. Didn't find a schematic, only the IO definition for the adventure example from the Dagu side:

#define IRleft           4  // Compound Eye Left      - analog  input    A4
#define IRright          5  // Compound Eye Right     - analog  input    A5      
#define IRup             6  // Compound Eye Up        - analog  input    A6
#define IRdown           7  // Compound Eye Down      - analog  input    A7
#define IRleds           2  // Compound Eye LEDs      - digital output   D2

#define neckleftrightpin 5  // PAN  Servo             - digital output   D5
#define neckupdownpin    6  // TILt Servo             - digital output   D6
#define leftmotorpin     9  // Left  Motor Servo      - digital output   D9
#define rightmotorpin   10  // Right Motor Servo      - digital output  D10

#define rightfrontsenpin 3  // Front Right Sensor     - analog  input    A3
#define leftfrontsenpin  2  // Front Left  Sensor     - analog  input    A2
#define leftrearsenpin   1  // Rear  Left  Sensor     - analog  input    A1
#define rightrearsenpin  0  // Rear  Right Sensor     - analog  input    A0

#define rightfrontLED    7  // Front Right  LEDs      - digital output   D7
#define leftfrontLED     8  // Front Left   LEDs      - digital output   D8
#define leftrearLED     12  // Rear  Left   LEDs      - digital output  D12
#define rightrearLED     4  // Rear  Right  LEDs      - digital output   D4

#define leftsparepin     3  // Left  spare socket     - digital output   D3
#define rightsparepin   11  // Right spare socket     - digital output  D11

#define Speaker         13  // Speaker                - digital output  D13

Thank you very much.


Best regards.