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LMR CNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,  I had an idea for the new year and here it is. I think there are more than 20.000 members on LMR If everyone would pitch in $1 or $2 or more there would be plenty money to buy multiple CNC machines and maybe even enough to make a LMR Robot based on a EZ-b platform. Then we could have whoever wants to submit an idea for the robot send in their ideas with there money. only the LMR members that send money will have free access to the cnc  cnc wed adders


It would really be great to have the opportunity to be able to make your parts on a good CNC. Post a comment of your thoughts  P.S. It would be nice to have an LMR bot for the maker fair!  Thanks, Paul

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... I would say nay ...this is never going to work.

The machine is nice and it is useful too but it is slow at cutting parts. 

The number of users who would require you to do parts on the machine is way too large, you would never be able to fill all requests. Add to this time to learn how to use it, end mill and mechanical wear.

there might be 20 000 members of lmr but i think a lot of the don't go on lmr very often and wont have a chance to see this. theres a lot of people and it's a great idea but i never see more than 25 users online

we'r going to send a mass email to all LMR members

Ok, so we will send you the money to get a nice CNC (or several?) and then we can have our project cut for free, right? Also, the CNC will go to any Maker Fair to the LMR booth to do something useful I guess... Hmm... Also, why a robot based on the EZ-b platform and not anything else for that matter? If it's gonna be a LMR robot, it should be based on Open Hardware and Software, no? And sold in the LMR store...

No dont send me the money i'm wroking on that still and an EZ-b platform very easy to use and a good board

This robot sold becuse cost over at least $500

but not available in Australia :(

Who will we give the money to?

I'm working on that

Ho by the way happy new year