Let's Make Robots!

So Oddbot. . .

As I sit here with a tricked out Rover 5, a 4channel motor controller and a Mega 2650, it occurs to me just how much I'm asking of a poor little, (well, for an Atmel--Maybe not so little.) microcontroller.

And so I wonder. . .Have you given any thought to a "Spider Due?"

Apologies if I've inadvertantly stumbled into the Dagu vault of secrets.

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Actually, You misunderstood me a bit.  You mistook "Due"--The upcoming Arm 3 "next" version of the Arduino line, for "Duel."  What I was wondering was if you had any thoughts on moving your future designs along in that direction.

I like everything I've seen about the Spider, especially the built in 5 volt power supply and the 3 pin connections.  I've done managed to do everything I want to do in pieces, but getting it all to run together. . .Well, I think I can.

Anyway, ANYTHING you put together in the future is going to get my attention.

Happy New Year to you folks--Whenever you celebrate it.

Yeah. . .I guess I was afraid you'd say something like that.  The 4 channel controller is great because it had everything I wanted for a base, AND enough ports left over to do a bunch of servos. Problem with something like this tho, is it's complicated, and the low price attracts people don't really understand how to use it.  Hopefully, someone more advanced came along and posted enough of their experiences to shine a light.

I know what you mean by MCU's getting more powerful.  Makes me wonder tho, when Intel will start worrying about the MCU's will start eating into their mobile cpu business and freak out.  Oh well.  I'm pretty sure I can get everything I need for robot-my-dreams.  I wish someone would port a few more ROS modules into Arm, so I could switch over from an SBC to, say, a Pandaboard so I can simplify my power supply a bit.  But I guess I can wait for that.

Anyway, thanks for all your help and Time Oddbot.