Let's Make Robots!

Almond Bread - are you series-ous

Phosphour Blotch or hidden messages !!!!

Third pass ------ it just gets brighter and brighter.......

One stage further to understand how to control things with Maths......

What Series picture is (-:G.-) cooking up with his propeller mathematics .......?

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looks like a fractal ,or am i see things::)

I just had some new code today that enables this thing to calculate the fractals in quad time ie by using 4 cogs of the propeller, each calculating 1/4 of the screen.......... thats ok for video and monitors however how the heck can i control 4 uv lasers .....

show us how Gareth.  ; -)


might be faster . might be the thing your looking for or the idea at least :)

A Mandelbrot for sure, Julia kind maybe.

Bottom of the Year to you TinHead...... indeed indeed you have hit the pixel on the head.....

Im working on the Julia set and it will be etched on Phosphor screens near you soon......

should know that ;) 

but you knew that!

happy new year Gareth!

Maths boffin or lost in Translation ...........

Yip .....Almond-Bread does infact == Mandelbrot.

Have a "Good slide through the new year" as the Swiss would roughly say