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pic kit 2

ok i bought a pic kit 2 because i finally got some money 
i have the pic kit

what else do i need or can i plug it all in and try to program with it?
i only have one pic chip for now  soo i dont want to make any mistakes 

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except maybe these tutorials will help you get started. Learning the mplab ide and quirks of the pic architecture is all that stands in the way of the power of pic now. With that power comes responsibility, you must only use it for good ok.

is JALv2, if you want to try something beside C or asm. I would suggest if you would consider JAL that you look at www.justanotherlanguage.org

Have to check it out.

Are using Microchip C18 compiler and MPLAB X IDE beta7.12 at the moment.


PICkit + MPLAB + a PIC micro is all you need.

The PICkit can supply power to the micro, just make sure to set the correct supply voltage in MPLAB.