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Have Wii, will disassemble

Hello all,

Little about me...  question comes later.

I am new to LMR.  I've not built anything yet besides little toy kits this Christmas for my 5 year old son.  I have my Start Here bot kit ordered and being delivered next week from Solarbots.  Other than that I a Bachelor degree in software engineering.  I am collecting my son's broken electronic toys.  I've got the base to a really cool RC car that runs and will be a really great base.  Also I have something of higher dollar amount that died I would like to inquire about.

My question...

Our Wii died.  A lighting strike in our driveway shorted out a bunch of stuff in our house, fried the radio in one car, and the computer in my other car.  What part of the Wii died?  The Video Out on the Wii died.  I tried swapping out cables just to make sure and it is only the Video Out that doesn't work.  Bummer, eh?  I could live without the audio. I can turn on the Wii and hear the thing startup and my remote move through the different windows. 

So, what should I do with this piece of wonderfully shelved device? 

I know there is a nice motor with the CD drive.  But what else would be fun to play with?

It is perfectly alright for someone to answer that I should wait an hold this piece for something more interesting after I get a couple more projects under my belt.



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don't forget the sensor array that goes on top of the TV.

Actually the 'sensor bar' isn't a sensor at all, just a few IR LEDs. Still worth salvaging though.

All the smarts are in the controller.

The Wii power supply is also worth hanging on to.

found this

you might be able to replace the video card


wii mote save it for latter ,but you will love what you can do with them and have been hacked to death so there it lots of info out there

num chuck save that too

apart from the controller it self the rest is junk and dismantling it for usable parts is a good option 

Good idea checking on the hacked remotes.  More fun stuff to read!!!

My wife picked up a second Wii on Black Friday shopping day for $99.  So I didn't get rid of anything.