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Buglet - bugbot

Avoid obstacles

Here's my beetlebot which i call Buglet.
I got lots of pics but sorry, they aren't in right angle.

First i took parts from my box.
Then i went to cut a motor holder from plexiglass.
I cutted and bended it to right angle.
Then i attached motors and switches and battery holder to it.
And next i soldered wires and it is READY!
But later i put antennas to switches.

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hahaha! this is awesome! i like it! very fast! you could maybe use use those transistors and ldrs for a half beetlebot half light follower!

Maybe later :)

Kewl bot! Ima gonna sumthing like this, too. Can't start too really in BEAM robotics.


Kewl bot! Ima gonna build something like this, too...soon. Okay, my schedule is a bit sludgy... but i might be able to make time for this in the early hours of the morning, since i'm schooling in the afternoon. Can't start too early in BEAM robotics! :)

Økāy, hard to get that comment :DDD

The jump of operational control-ness from video1 to video2 is brilliant .....when i was watching first video the back of my mind was saying  longer antenna-longer antenna-longer antenna.... then the second video proved right....

Well done on effective and very neat design and to top it off nice pictures and video too.

back of my mind is saying....... try an asymmetrical design for the antenna_s (one slightly longer or bend one slightly differently....its a long shot but i think it will help get him out of symmetrical "blocks" as he has enough power to push himself out of trouble...just a thought).

In fact, the other antenna is a bit longer.

Incredibly simple, yet you have managed to get good behavior through the mechanical design. Nice work.

I think I understand how you wired it, but in the top picture I see a couple of transitors and maybe a pair of capacitors. Did you use them or omit them? Could you post a schematic diagram?

There isn't any transistors or caps. I draw circuit diagram.
Ya I noticed the transistors but I think the other things are two LDRs