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How to make an actuator remote control?

So basically im new to robotics and i am trying to teach myself everything. im working on a project, i have a sabertooth 2x25 that controls two motors and it makes it remote control. im trying to add a electric actuator to it. i do not know how i can hook up the actuator so it can be run off the same remote control? i added an attachment of everything.
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if you RC receiver has a spare Chanel you can get a control signal from that .some kind of on ,off, speed & direction control is needed, h-bridge's are good for that job or an ESC for an RC car . you need that extra Chanel from your RC receiver


the saber-tooth's on board 5v regulator can only go as high as 100mA it's only for your receiver if you go past this point the saber tooth will reset every time you go to run the motors , (fix ) a custom 5v regulator  in addition to the saber tooth regulator 

i am also building a very similar system with the saber tooth ( my crunch bot ), just waiting for my DC to DC converter, my 5v power supply will run at 3A that's more than enough for a few servos and sensors