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Simple Bot


For christmas I got a couple of robot parts. This robot consists of two continuous rotation servos, a small caster, an arduino uno and a 7.2 nimh battery. I attached the the wheel to the continuous rotation servo with a screw. I then did the same thing to the opposite wheel. I attached both continuous rotation servo to the piece of wood with hot glue. 


I then attached all of the servo wires and the 7.2 nimh battery to a mini bread board. I combined all of the grounds together and then attached the wire to gnd on the arduino. I did the same with the 5 volts. I then attached the signal wires to digital pins 9,10, and 11. I then marked off two holes for the mini caster wheel. When I get some time, I will add either an ultrasound sensor or a sharp ir sensor to a mini servo. As of right now it only spins in circles, oblivious to its environment.  

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Did someone get a GoPro camera as well?

might need a faster SD card

Yep (: I love it

Are you a downhill biker :D? A friend of mine is and he wanted it so badly :)

Yeah, I am and it's a lot of fun. Here is one of my videos of mountain biking: