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EZ 8-D A big brain Herbie

Hello everybody (I wonder if someone reads this thread :P )

I am an amateur builder and got the wrong components :P so now I am waiting for an LM386 for my Herbie's brain described here


I got an LM324 and after reading its description it got me thinking how could I use this chip to replace and maybe increase Herbie's brain power LM386

I came out with this solution for the LM324 (my browser is not showing my pictures :p) look at the attached PDF

I have to make clear that I have no electronics background. My idea is to join all the outputs, to get more strength on the signal (correct me if I am wrong) and to join all +inputs into one and the same with -inputs making the bot more sensitive to light (I am just guessing again). I am also thinking that maybe it can be possible to add more sensors and use the amplifiers separately. I think it will be also possible just to use one of the amplifiers but "if we can do, why not over do??"

So what do you guys think about this idea?? any suggestions and constructive critics are more than welcome

I will breadboard it later tonight if I have some time


EZ 8-D



EZ_8-D.pdf370.7 KB

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Well  I am very exited, my first circuit actuallz works :D is not perfect but it can control two motors. I am a bit too tired to try to debug it but it works. By changing the motro cable configuration both wheels turn in the same direction, one faster than the other.

I think the problem comes from the lack of trim pot on the CDS, but I am waiting for those parts soon :D. I will review the sensor installation tomorrow and see if it works, here is a video





Hi, just wondering if anyone has actually seen this sketch working or used it to power a robot etc. at the moment it is loaded onto my arduino uno and I don't know how to proceed. I found this sketch in the robotics section. Thanks, Wayne

This thread is over four years old and used analog components, not a CPU, to control a bot. I would suggest you start a new thread under your name and topic so that others can examine and comment on your project.