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Arduino/ servo/ RC basics

I'll start off admitting that I'm a complete novice at robot building, so pardon me for what is probably stupid questions. I have bought an arduino with the intention of building a robot and have an idea of doing so mainly with servos, and I know that I can probably run them off the arduino without any problems helped by the arduino servo library, but can I just plug them in directly to the arduino or do I need a resistor in between or something? And question 2 How do I make my robot controllable via R/C? How do I put those circuits(?) together? I'm thinking of using some of these components: Arduino UNO

Servos: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/%5F%5F9549%5F%5FTurnigy%5FTG9e%5F9g%5F1%5F5kg%5F0%5F10sec%5FEco%5FMicro%5FServo.html And for R/C control: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/%5F%5F9041%5F%5FHobby%5FKing%5F2%5F4Ghz%5F6Ch%5FTx%5FRx%5FV2%5FMode%5F1%5F.html

I guess I'll worry about the code later on...

Thanks for all your help in advance! Hayabusabot

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Hi Chris,

Can you elaborate a little on this??  I have plugged lots of 3-wire servos to +5, Gnd and an Arduino I/O with no problem.

But I COULD be missing somethin' :-)