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passersby detector SOS



hi everyone!  i am a vocational student living here in Philippines. Now i have a project in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence class.. at first i proposed a light follower/obstacle avoider/line follower robot. Unfortunately, it was rejected by my prof because it doesn't answers any problem and it was so easy. then, i came out with a concept about "passersby detector." 

What i want in my project is that when someone enters the room in "entrance door", then the lights and fan will turn on, lights and fan will only turns off when that person will go out passing in "exit door" ... 

can anyone here help me in what technology can be easily implemented (something that i can attach near the door like laser, motion detector, etc), I BADLY NEED SOME IDEAS, DESIGNS, LOGICS or anything that can help me... please guys...and something that I can be finish in one weeks... T-T




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:)  tnx Basile, I really need this as a start... i am really ignorant in these subjects...

this one helps.. tnx a lot cheers..!!  :)

I made something similar on a much smaller scale for my bird box.
Have a look and see if it gives you any new idea.
Best of luck


@ kingkong.. there's no PIR sensor available here in local shops, i'll just find it online.. kewl!! i guees PIR is better than laser thingy.. thanks.. i havnt use the arduino yet but i am familiar about its language (C right?) i can easily learn how to use it as soon as my arduino delivered here... :)  tnx for that idea & link... :P


@geir anderson.. great job!! i'm gonna use this idea.. i must create a mechanism that would count the number of person entering the room (then lights and fan will turn on) in entrance door and count people leaving the room in exit door. then if PpolEntered - PpolExited = 0 (no one in the room), then the lights and fan will tun off.. haha... +1 thanks...


kewl..!!! i'll combine those ideas and suggestions you guys gave me.. lol, i'm now excited... XD

thnk you very much.. cheers,..!! :P