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Control RC Car from Mobile phone


I have a lot of cheap Radio Control Toys such as UFO, Mimi Cars, Tanks... Most of them are controlled by transmitters running in 27Mhz. I wonder the functions of the transmitters for these toys are very simple. Most of them have forward, backward, turn left, turn right, turbo and stop functions. Rather than hacking the hardware of the toys, I wonder If I can decode the signals( from the transmitters) and store the encoded pulses inside the Arduino and send out again, it is possible to control these toys from other devices having serial connection.

Nokia N82 <---------> Arduino + RC transmitter ----------------> RC Toys

PC <---------> Arduino + RC transmitter ----------------> RC Toys

The most challenge is to decode the signals of the transmitter. I need to use an oscilloscope to 'see' the patterns of the signal pluses and store them. I am also try to build a universal decoder. But the project is still in development.

The project was completed on 11/2009. Please see the following blogs for more information.



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Awesome work.  What happened to the blog?