Let's Make Robots!

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I was working on EZ 8-D brain's last night and realized that the problem is actually with his CdS eyes :P One seeks light and the other seeks darkness I really do not know how to solve it :P ideas?? anyone??

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Nice, it's not often you see larger beam bots, I like it :) You should make a challenge to get others on here to have a go at making BEAM robots - see who can create the most impressive analog logic navigator or something :P

Well I started one here, http://letsmakerobots.com/node/30595

I have already some other ideas :D I like to challenge my self and other people :D

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This is a really interesting project. A brainless sumo is a really great idea. Just add some "ring edge detection" sensors and you should be done :)

Yeap, you read my mind ;D,

Thanks, it seems to me that is has lots of potential. I am thinking in giving extra touch sensors too :D I will keep you updated


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Aha i see your using the faithful LM324 .... its good to see it can drive Continuous Servos.

Will look forward to updates .....