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EZ 8-D v2 light follower

Follows light or lines
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Talking about evolution, my first successful BEAM robot, I am very exited how well it went. I was planing to build a Herbie but I ordered the wrong parts. But the LM324 was described as a similar chip to the LM386, so after some investigation and head scratching I designed my own. I have no electronics background and I have been building robots just for a couple of weeks. My main source of information is Mark Tilden's great book, which gave me lots of idea and inspiration The version v1 of the circuit is only partial working, as seen on the video only one eye is responding to the light. This morning in my train I figure out that I could split the inputs in the LM324 and maybe solve the problem, giving the EZ 8-D two brain lobes :D. I will test later on tonight the v2 version and see if my idea works. I think that v3 will be a line follower with 4 sensors for higher accuracy, but that will come in the future. Regards EZ, farther of EZ 8-D

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Thanks, it seems to me that is has lots of potential. I am thinking in giving extra touch sensors too :D I will keep you updated


This is a really interesting project. A brainless sumo is a really great idea. Just add some "ring edge detection" sensors and you should be done :)

Yeap, you read my mind ;D,

I was working on EZ 8-D brain's last night and realized that the problem is actually with his CdS eyes :P One seeks light and the other seeks darkness I really do not know how to solve it :P ideas?? anyone??