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Picaxe - USB

I'm working on a new robot and i want to control it with a usb-keyboard,

How can i connect a usb to a Picaxe 28x1 projectboard?

And how can i program it?


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User boris has covered this on lmr. Here

The Picaxe chips will actually talk to a keyboard and it is not hard and works well. You MUST use a PS2-style plug or a keyboard that is USB/PS2 compatable. If indeed your keyboard is PS2 compatable, you simply need to use a USB/PS2 converter --you don't need the one that is expensive (with electronic crap inside) instead, you need the super-cheap converter (the one that is probably $1 free shipping on Ebay). The other option is to simply cut the USB plug off of that keyboard of yours then use the amazing googles to find out which is your clock and data lines. --Again, your keyboard MUST be "PS2" compatable. The rest of what you need is in the Picaxe manual.

My plan is to connect this 

To my picaxe and then connect a keyboard to it.

Is it possible?

And to wich pins do i have to connect the white and green wire?