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some details about trimmer

 hello ,  ia working on a new project of light follower i tried to search details about trimmers( varaible resistor of 4.7k) but i couldnt find its actual use+ i want insert that on my pcb board, so what should i keep spacing and which of the three terminals should be connected to ground.

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actually a trimmer is just a regular potentiometer with a worm gear attached:

also see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUkrpqEmXb8

using a multimeter you can meassure between wich pins the resistive stroke (black above) is. then you should know wich pin should be connected to ground

Hi Rajeev,

Have you tried to research your trimmer online?

I just visited www.conrad.com and searched for "multiturn trimmer". It show examples of different shapes and sizes trimmers. They all come with a data sheet. You should be able to find your answers in there.

Good luck on your study!

thanks rik



The questions you've asked are totally dependant on the circuit you are using for your light follower.

Please post more information about the circuit.