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robotic microhandling

robotic microhandler controlled by arduino and processing
controlloservo9.pde5.04 KB

microhandler and microscope

Hi all, I wish to share with you my last robot: the robotic microhandler. It is controlled by processing GUI created with GUI builder of G4P library . In the GUI there are 11 buttons :

UP -DOWN to control the vertical microstep of the HITEC HS 5485 digital servo

RIGHT - LEFT to control horizontal microstep of the HITEC HS 5485 digital servo

BACK FORWARD to adjust the position of the microhandler, the HITEC HS311 is mounted on the laser CD mover hacked

GET- RELEASE it controls the contact microgripper moved by ROBBE 8544 analog microservo

FAST set the fast steps, on the bottom of the GUI set the step value using a sliders

SLOW set the step to 1

on Arduino is loaded the Servo firmata changed with writeMicroseconds to move servo of 1 step

The purpose of the project is move and assemble micro objects (size 10 micron) in the microscope slide , but I'm still working to get the perfect microgripper . In the following images you may see the second version of microgripper using 2 optic fibers for the contact grippers


top view

lateral view....for the next version I'm thinking to sersors on the gripper to avoid shocks with the objectives of the microscope

robotic microhandler stand alone...my contact gripper is not the perfect one  best microgripper would be a capillary gripper


Here you may see on the left of the screen the object on the microscope slide, on the right the processing GUI to control the microhandler

I attached the processing code

Please feel free to add any comment or suggestions


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wait! last robot?