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The UV Green_Board Laser System

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Its time to bring all my blogs together and show the driving force behind a project i started here early September Mystery Autumn .

The idea came after buying a Blue Laser at the start of 2011, i noticed when i shined it onto a white surface it gave off a florescence, it did not take me long to test all surfaces and per chance it hit some UV Glow material ............... that's was the beginnings of what i present here.

A while back i was in Technorama (a science exhibition) where they had a huge wall covered in UV sensitive material.... i knew then that i needed a big sheet to play around with ....

UV Paint is not very even to apply and blotchy ..... so i plumped for a 500mm square sheet of i must say long glow persistence UV Vinyl.

Normally Glow walls are activated with high power "Zenon Flash" lights.

Seems that "Blue Lasers" just dip into the UV light emission range and do a much better Job ..... oh Yehhhh.










 Warning :-

  1. UltraViolet lasers emit UV light and should be treated with care particulaly when attached to 2D servo systems.
  2. Contain the laser inside (its so easy for it to stray out of the windows and attract Aliens) .
  3. Wear Protective UV Sun-glasses tuned to block the light frequency you are using for your own safety & street cred.
  4. Using this device is very addictive and will burn most of your time bringing many experiential Green in-sights.









The UV Green_Board Laser System ingredients :-

  1. Blue 405nm laser - (mine is <5mw).
  2. 500mmx500mm Phosphorescent UV sensitive sticky-backed vinyl stuck onto plexiglass base, from kilabitzzz
  3. Two fast Servos - (mine are digital "Full Metal Geared").
  4. RBBB Propeller board. available from M44D40
  5. PPPB Servo Driver & H-Bridge for laser, available from CTC Mini Prop Undershield
  6. Two Lipo batteries for the propeller and servos.
  7. Two AA batteries to supply the UV Laser

I aligned the Laser as close as i could to the XY pivot point to remove any rotation error whilst scanning.

The two servos are arranged to allow the Servo to move in 2 dimensions.

Here you can see CTCs Propeller power driver shield. Driving the servos and the UV Laser.

Above the PPPB and Below the RBBB propeller chipped board.

Just for scale and an idea on distance to UV Phosphorescent Sheet.

The system is capable of producing not only XY Graphics.

Or extract ascii letters and graphics direct from the Propeller chip its_self.

But also Vector Graphics...

And Bitmap......

And most fun and revealing the Mandelbrot Graphic series....with Calculations done in Real-Time..

I controlled the intensity of the laser via PWM signal to a H-Bridge, this means i can create a Green Scale (aka greyscale) graphics.


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Nice work Gareth.

It's way cool, Gareth!!

You are the Leonardo da Vinci of LMR.

Great work , it looks cool & yours photo are very nicely clicked.