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Servo Slaver

Adjustable servo tester with LED numeric readout of servo position. Now with code!
servo_slaver_14m2_v.0.91.bas3.31 KB

Currently powered by a PICAXE 14M2, SAA1064, 3-digit LED display from Knightbright, a 7805, and an LD1086. I will probably switch back to an 08M2 later. I was having problems with the coding and switched the 14M2 in the 08M2's place out of desperation. It was not the chip, it was ASCII vs decimal problems. It uses a 10K potentiometer to send an signal to an ADC pin on the 14M2. The voltage is converted to a servo position value which is visable on a 7-segment LED display. Features include:

  • Range from 50-250
  • Safe startup keeps servo from activating until the range is within the traditionally accepted values from 75-225
  • 5V and adjustable 5V-6V servo power supplies
  • (1) servo with a 08M2 or up to (4) with a 14M2

Not a completed project, obviously. Plans are to enclose it in a recycled plastic box from my work. Still sourcing a box with the correct dimensions.