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RAD 2.0 Schematic?

Does anyone have a schematic or diagram outlining the electrical components for a RAD 2.0? 

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Hey Zenji,

A couple folks have tried to give you a few answers but I think we may have a bigger picture issue here. There are some very basic concepts that need to be learned before I think you can progress with your project. In one of your other posts, you ask how to solder a USB cable to the board on the RAD 2.0. This question was asked as if you assumed that it would be as easy as soldering a few wires together and everything would simply "talk" to everything else. This is not the case. Your desire to make a robot is great. The fact that you want to add a phone is also great. However, it is not quite as easy as just "plugging them in to each other". Not to mention, there is going to be a lot of programming involved and there are no shortcuts in learning how to code.

If you are interested in simply getting into this robotics hobby, you need to start with something FAR more simple and progress, step-by-step to your intended goal. Until then, I feel you may put yourself in an awkward position --one that is not quite welcome here, and that is to ask a question about step 487 when you know nothing of step 3. People are going to spend their time trying to answer your question, while spending even more time trying to fill in the gaps in your knowledge that you would need to get you to the step you are asking about. Instead, it is much better to start at step 1, then go to step 2 etc. --If you get stuck as you go, folks are more than happy to help. 

What I would do:
I would simply purchase an Arduino, a breadboad, a LED and a 330 ohm resistor. Start by getting that LED to blink. This simple excercise will give a good taste of how everthing is going to work in terms of hardware and code. From there, you can start to expand your code skills, start learning about serial communication (to get your phone to talk to your arduino) and motor drivers to run the motors on the RAD etc.

Bottom line: Get a LED to blink and call me in the morning. 

I had used a tactic of throwing out as many lines as I couldand seeing what I could reel in. I have recieved a lot of useful information on my other post and already plan to get an arduino and several other parts that were suggested for me. This has definitely gone from what I thought would be a small project to a crash course in robotics, although I am not dissapointed in the least with that.

Not a schematic, but here is the cloest thing I could find to a schematic.