Let's Make Robots!


Avoid objects, move around random, make someone smile

I was in Amsterdam for New years eve and ended up buying myself a coffee cup that came in a cool box. After I got home I put away my new cup and then thought about what I could do with this little box.... XXX AmsterBOT was born

Been playing with the code and learning a lot. I added a little video of Amsterbot's dance.

Next step is the Sensor.


PS- I asked my Lady to marry me on New years eve in Amsterdam.. so this bot is getting a machine shop made custom body and I already have a new dome for the new body. The dome shown on amsterBot is my practice run.

4/10/12 This is an older video. I have a new one I will post later today. Gotta love his new hat!

The bottom video is the newest video.


I have a new video and pics that I will post soon of Amsterbot's new/temp body. 


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Great, simple, and Resourceful!

Not strange, I'm proud to be Dutch. Hope you enjoy the Robot just as much as my country.


Looking good. When he fell over, I was thinking he needs either something sticking out from a wheel or better yet an arm that could set him back upright if he does that regularly.



Is it my imagination or do all us Scots on LMR have beards?

omg! congrats chief!


I love the little touches like he looks over his shoulder any time he backs up :) in the bottom video.


To me it looks like amsterbot is wearing an Egyptian fez in the last video. I realise it is a measure, but it does look like a cool hat, especially with the light.


everyone knows fezs are cool. Just ask the current regeneration of The Doctor. :D

on the pending nuptuals.

Doesn't that dome interfere with the ultrasonic sensor?  I DID read that it's a "practice run."

Very cool looking robot.  Excellent use of that box.

The dome is cut out for the sensor so it does not interfere.