Let's Make Robots!


Avoid objects, move around random, make someone smile

I was in Amsterdam for New years eve and ended up buying myself a coffee cup that came in a cool box. After I got home I put away my new cup and then thought about what I could do with this little box.... XXX AmsterBOT was born

Been playing with the code and learning a lot. I added a little video of Amsterbot's dance.

Next step is the Sensor.


PS- I asked my Lady to marry me on New years eve in Amsterdam.. so this bot is getting a machine shop made custom body and I already have a new dome for the new body. The dome shown on amsterBot is my practice run.

4/10/12 This is an older video. I have a new one I will post later today. Gotta love his new hat!

The bottom video is the newest video.


I have a new video and pics that I will post soon of Amsterbot's new/temp body. 


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Love me my domed robots. You worked the sensor into yours nicely, well done.

is shaping up to be pretty sweet. I wonder if some "strut tower braces" between the two servos would assist in cutting down on the extreme camber. :)


My buddy is making the body out of Aluminum so the mounts will be better than hot glue and straight. Yeah the cardboard box will be beat soon:)


Thanks for the link JAX!


Video should be up in minutes!

HC-SR04 resource page. Library, hints, pretty colors :)

Fire, flooding, and plague! The original XXX! Or some dude's coat of arms. I like the former. Nice bot body either way.