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Permanent Google+ hangout

We now have a permanent Google+ hangout for LMR users.


What is a hangout?

Google+ hangout is a multi user video chat. Upto 10 users can join the hangout at the same time. A permanent hangout doesn't mean there is already somebody available. It just means the hangout is never ending, it is always available under the same link.

Why should I use hangout?

  • Just for fun to talk with other LMR people around the world. Show your projects to others.
  • Solve your robot problems with our experts taking a look at it. If you need technical help to a problem just drop a line in the LMR Shout Box that you need someone for a video chat.

What is needed?

  • a Google+ account
  • Google video chat plugin
  • Webcam with headset


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Thank you guys. We have some test hangouts last night. It was really great.

In the shoutbox I read that some users have trouble to join the hangout.

Just some tips.

I'll be away from my workshop for a while, but when I get back, and again just sit there alone and solder & glue in my workshop late at night.. for sure I'll switch this thing on, and hopefully have a couple of LMR friends around! (or be a sad fuck alone on a video chat :D)

Thanks for this Peter (RobotFreak) :D

Just test it. Very cool!

Cool, will hangout myself tonight ;-)

See you guys there \o/