Let's Make Robots!


This is my new robot. I'm now working on the servo's for the IR sensors. Do you guys mabye now a name?



Update 18-1-2012

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*sniff* *sniff* Is that...*sniff*..cardboard, i smell? Cardboard is a great chassis material for low height bots. Just make sure you don't get too much weight on one area of your chassis or it might snap in half. What about Stanley or Edd? Yh, i'm no good with names no more. :P

Experimental Robot Vehicle - 1


How about 'Albert Jones', the person who patented cardboard in 1871?

Ya nailed it. 

You know if you wanted later, you could take each piece of cardboard and use it for a template to cut it out of wood, aluminium, plastic or any other material.

btw how's the coding going?

Yeah, i'm thinking of replacing the cardboard for perspex.

I know what the problem was with the code. One of the IR sensors wasn't good. So i sent it back to the store and i'm waiting for the new one.