Let's Make Robots!

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fritsl's picture

There's probably some issues here - but this is good thinking IMO :)

altapowderdog's picture

thanks. Ya issues inclued the other robot has to find it first or it just spins in circles lookin stupid lol...

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Very nice robot you bilt there! Looks like a UFO! I have built a similar robot (Borg Cube) with Legos some time back at the inspiration of the Reaktor II robot by Steve Hassenplug that won a Lego Sumo event and beat the crap out of all microcontroller based robots. Mine was for a MiniSumo event and did well but wasn't fast enough to win the competition.

altapowderdog's picture

haha cool.  Lol and here I was thinking it was an original idea :P 

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I was just having a look yesterday at the schematic for William Grey Walter's tortoise bots from the late 1940s. Simple designs that accomplish complex tasks are very admirable. Great work and good luck. Let us know how your robot does in competition.

Great Project, I hope you share your diagram. In the book from Tilden tehre is a very intersting mod for this kind of robots, it uses to bateries and a relay and when the switch is activated the relay changes the abtery conection from parallel to series giving the bot a boost of power :D migth be an interesting addition to your design :D


It would be cool to have a MiniSumo dumbot League :D more randomness and exitement :D

patrickmccabe's picture

Very cool idea. Executed well too!

Microcontrollers are actually pretty cheap, but it is nice to see you kept it simple. 

altapowderdog's picture

haha sortof- but im also lazy and dont like programing lol

fritsl's picture

Pretty.. pretty cheap, I'd even say! (And agree with Patrick btw ;)

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thar's quite good, you could use it in all kinds of ways ,i like, good stuff , i can see you put some time in to it ,keep up the good work and looking forward to more