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RE: PICAXE program


What a nice website, I wish I would have found it in my earlier days of inquisitiveness, but alas, now I am here and wanting to build the first project, however I wantedto ask if the PICAXE program for programming will work with my MAC computer.
Is there any specific software I should have? I really want to order the kit, but wanted to make sure my system will work with the program before spending those $100+



Thank you. 

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Yes they have the "MacAXEpad" for programming a Picaxe microcontroller on a Mac. I have personally used it.

The download link is under the "downloads" tab http://www.picaxe.com/Software/PICAXE/AXEpad/

Thank you for the link, I downloaded the program, but when I try to open it a screen comes up on Text Edit, after some intial characters the words "This program can not be run in DOS mode" come up. Why is it attempting to run on DOS, or how can I by-pass that in order to be able to access the program?

Turns out I made a small mistake.
It's fixed and running now.