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New DAGU products for 2012

Well 2012 is off to a great start with a brand new Arduino compatible controller, A car controlled by your phone and a robot arm with teaching pendant from DAGU.

The Micro Magician is designed for small robots running on low voltage batteries. The controller works on voltages from 3.6V to 9V.The heart of the controller is an ATmega168 running on 3.3V with an 8MHz clock. Check out the great new features!

  • Small footprint - 30mm x 60mm
  • Power from 3.6V to 9V. Can be powered from USB or ISP sockets for programming.
  • Dual 1A FET "H" bridge with electronic braking and current limmiting to prevent accidental damage.
  • 3 axis accelerometer. Replaces the need for bump sensors and tilt sensors. Ideal for self-righting robots.
  • 38KHz IR receiver allows control by universal TV remotes.
  • Up to 7 servos can plug directly into the controller assuming the use of a suitable battery / power supply.
  • All free I/O pins have both male and female headers.
  • Power switch, RX, TX and D13 status LEDs.

DAGU has also produced a super cheap car controlled by the tilt action of an Android compatible phone.

If you like robot arms then this robot arm with teaching pendant is worth checking out!

These prototypes and more will be available early 2012 from DAGU distributors.

Contact your local OddBot for details :D


A3906_dual_H_1A.pdf270.32 KB
3-axis_accelerometer_MMA7361L.pdf170.44 KB
38Khz_IR_receiver_VISHAY.pdf159.61 KB
AMS1117_3.3V.pdf92.92 KB
PL2303HX_revA_USB_interface_IC.pdf776.87 KB

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TerryKing's picture

OMG this brought back memories of building remote controlled cranes from old IBM Graphics Printers!

Wow. It's still on the web, since 1999: http://terryking.us/parport/prcrane.zip  We've come a long way in 13 years!

What controller does this have? Can it "Learn and Save" a series of moves? I finally got the 1999 model to do that and kids programmed it to pick up stuff with the electromagnet and load a toy truck, hands-off.

Gotta get one of these!

Regards, Terry King  ...On the Mediterranean in Italy