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Observer v2.0

Robot that can be controlled via bluetooth

So I build my first wheeled robot. For now it has no special functions or sensors, but I'm planning to add those features later. Robot can be controlled with PC, Laptop or mobile phone, but I have ordered second bluetooth module. With this module I want to build a controller. So I hope you like it, and feel free to ask about something that might interest you.

UPDATE 1.1 I've added lights and change controller from phone to arduino with accelerometer. For now it runs via laptop, but I've ordered Bluetooth module from e-bay, because I want to make standalone controller.

UPDATE 1.3 I've build the controller, it uses Atmega8. Now robot can be controlled via analog stick or accelerometer.


UPDATE 1.4 Third wheel has been added to the back side of the robot, this is the last update of version 1.X next update will be version 2.0.


UPDATE 2.0 I've switched to xbees and robot is now controlled by control glove

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Thank you :) I want to turn that glove into an all-purpose input device for controlling basically everything :D


Thanks :)