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can you make polymorph in to a liquid

is there any way to make polymorph in to a (very thick) liquid

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well what i wanted to do was put two sheets of glass in the oven with some polymorph and spacers. so i could make some perfectly flat sheets of polymorph.

You can buy liquid Polymorph, I have never used it and the company does not give you much information about it:


I used a microwave to heat polymorph. This allowed me to acheive a reasonably high temperature but it was still thick like honey on a cold day. If you want to pour it into a mold then I would suggest heating both the polymorph and your mold in an oven at about 150 degrees celcius. The reason for heating the mold is to prevent the polymorph cooling too quickly before it can fill the entire mold.

Thick glue-like blob ;-) But you can not pour it into a mold...you have to squezze/press it in.

It's actually a lot like Hot Glue in many ways! I bet someone are thinking of repraps, 3D prints etc..?

err Yes....keep it in 70C degrees plus hot water..... and it stays a very-very thick liquid.

What would be your intention with using a thick plastic liquid -  maybe we could suggest  an alternative solution.