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How to delete comments

I keep posting replies to the top of the topic instead of after the question. I can't see a way to delete the mistaken post only edit it. Is there any way around this to change the position of the post?

Comment viewing options

Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.

You can only delete a comment if it (itself) has no replies (and if it was made by you).

A single comment by you can be deleted by you. Just click Edit.. and wait a minute, let me test.. no, you cant?! Why not, I think it used to be like that?!?

Hmm.. Well, we are working on a new system, so I am not going to mess with this.

However - it would be great if you could rename (just Edit) this post, and change the headline from "Argh!" to something that would make other people understand what this tread is about - like "How to delete comments" or similar ;)

Thanks - and don't worry - we all mess up, it does'nt matter that much, the message usually get's through :)

: D