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requesting instruction to make a roboit using 8085

hey guys i want instructions to make a robot using 8085 so please send in instructions to make it using "8085 microprocessor"..

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I programmed one once in college, an evaluation board countless moons ago, Texas instruments if my Stack Pointer (shiver down spine) serves me correct (at the time I was impressed by the instruction set ).
8085? How old is that? I was using a Z80 over 20 years ago and the 8085 was old then. My suggestion is to find a book on the 8085 in the Library. It will cover more details than most Internet sites.

and i found this


homework LOL

thanks guys, i am to submit  project using 8085 only and within 30 days, so guys plz send in anything that you people can give me.thanks again.

Why that processor? But here LMGTFY. Tutorial here.

Darn, I only have instructions for 8084. 

Really though, there are plenty of beginner tutorials out there and that is basically what you are asking for. Find a beginner tutorial and start there. 

8084 ha ha