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Parallel robot moving nuts

drawing by placing nuts on a surface


Firstly, my apologies for my english. I'm french.

The purpose of this machine is to make automatically stop-motion. I give it a video and it draw each picture of video with nuts.

This project isn't finish. Actualy, it can take nut and place it wherever I want on a surface. But, nut doesn't stay in the good position, it rolls or falls. Probably because geometry of robot is not perfect and that nuts are placed with precision of 2mm above surface.

To avoid having the nuts through on the electromagnet,I shake it and I varies its power. So nuts shall be in a good position on electromagnet. This works 95% of time !

Presently, I try to improve quality of placement of nuts on the surface.

To be continued.

Have a good day.

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.Firstly welcome to LMR and your English is better than my French. There are not enough electromagnets on LMR. Good stuff.  I am wondering was it just good fortune that the electromagnet picks up just one nut at a time? Or is that something you had to tune to accomplish? Perhaps you can find some square nuts that won't fall in unpredictable ways?



If the electromagnet picks up just one nut at a time isn't because I'm lucky. :-)  I did a lot of tests to know the justest force for hold just one nut. When the excess of nuts is fallen, I give strength to the electromagnet to avoid that latest nut  fall when I move it.

The next time(probably in two week), I'll try to explain more stuff.(it's late and I take a while to write in English.)

Thanks for your comment.

And, square nuts is a good idea. I try to find that.